Traditional Riding Tours in Iceland

Riding tour into the wilderness ?

Take a tour into the wilderness, travelling South of Langjökull and into the heart of South Iceland in Thingvellir National Park


Enjoy the beauty of Icelandic nature on local horses with professional native guides.


On the first and last nights you will stay at the guide’s farm, Árbakki, where your hosts Maggi and Lilja have farmed since 1994. They are both very experienced riders and tour guides, and will make sure that you will have a wonderful and unforgettable tour. You will see broad valleys, steep canyons, raging rivers and waterfalls. Take advantage of bright summer nights, see Thingvellir National Park and get close to the wonderful Icelandic horse.

Do it with us and do it old-style!

During the tour we will stay in simple mountain huts, spending 3 nights at different locations. The accommodation is simple, warm and clean typically comprising dormitory rooms or a single space. Each hut has shared bathroom facilities.

Meals at Árbakki and in the mountain huts will be family style, consisting of typical Icelandic cuisine, featuring dairy products, fish, lamb, and potatoes.

This tour is undertaken in the traditional manner which means that you and the horses will carry all your belongings. It is therefore important that you restrict your luggage to the basics. All extra luggage can stay at Árbakki until you return.

Tour descriptions

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Arrive at Árbakki

(Pick-up at the airport or from your accommodation in Reykjavík). A nice dinner and a good night’s rest awaits you at Árbakki before you start riding on day 2.


Árbakki to Hlöðufell

(After a nourishing breakfast you will saddle the horses. A short introduction brings you into contact with the horses and off we go! The first stop is Hlöðufell, an impressive mountain located about 10 km southwest of Langjökull.


Hlöðufell to Gatfell

This part of the tour is very spectacular. Here we ride at the base of the magnificent Mount Skjaldbreið through volcanic land-scape on lava and sand to Gatfell.


Gatfell to Kringlumýri

We will continue through the famous and magnificent Thingvellir National Park, where all the major events of Icelandic history have taken place. Today Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected for the Icelandic nation under the care of the Althing, Europe’s oldest Parliament.


Kringlumýri to Sel

From Kringlumýri we ride to the base of Mount Mosfell at Sel. From Sel we will drive back to Árbakki where we started our tour.



You depart (drop-off at Selfoss) from Árbakki after a good night’s sleep and breakfast.